How to Get Started with Supplier Information

What supplier information is required when getting started with FMI

This article is for users who have access to the Services module and are getting started with FMI Works

Why supplier information is required

Supplier information is needed so that:

  • Work orders can be sent to external contractors
  • Supplier details can be added to the asset record

If you do not use external contractors or suppliers, you do not need to add supplier information.

Supplier information

Supplier information is held in FMI for the purposes of communicating with contractors about work that is assigned to them and their compliance obligations.

Company Name For communication purposes Mandatory
Primary Contact Name At least one primary contact is required to receive work order assignments Mandatory
Primary Contact Email Address Must be a unique and valid email address to comply with security standards. Mandatory
Contact Names Other supplier employees can be added for work orders to be assigned to Optional
Contact Email Addresses Must be unique and valid email addresses to comply with security standards. Optional

Uploading data

We can upload your supplier data as part of our onboarding services. 

We also make our supplier import template available to you to update your data at any time you choose.  This can be found in the Administrator module by selecting the Reference menu > Import Suppliers.