Product Update: Standard Reports Enhancements

We've made enhancements to reporting to give you better, clearer options when running reports

This article relates to the FMI Works product

When were these changes made?

These changes were rolled out on 14 October 2021 and 11 November 2021 and were included in our product release notes.

What are the changes?

Based on direct feedback from customers, the following changes were made:

Report categories and navigation were updated to make it easier to search and generate favourite reports

Date filters were updated to enable more granular reporting for both standard and scheduled reports

Renamed Reports

Several reports were renamed to better reflect their purpose.  The following reports were renamed as per the below table.  A number of obsolete reports were removed.

Re-categorised Reports

A new reporting category was introduced to assist in grouping reports based on the information they provide.

New category “Administrative Reportsincludes reports that provided non-operational administrative information.

Several reports were re-categorised.

Screen Shot 2022-01-19 at 8.28.55 am

Updated Filters

All Standard Reports in FMI allow filtering by date range.

The “Select Date” label was renamed to clarify what date is being selected.  As an example, the Work Order Details “Select Date” was updated to “Creation Date”.

Additional date filters were added to allow more filter options on reports.


Q: How do users access the new “Administrative Reports” category?

A: Permissions will need to be given via the Security Groups menu by an FMI Works Administrator.

Q: How do users access the renamed “Work Order Management Reports” category?

A:  Users who had access to Backlog management will automatically have access to Work Order Management reports.

Q: Will my scheduled reports be affected?

    A: Scheduled reports should still run as expected, however, users may notice a different report name.