How to Get Started with Employee Information

What employee information is required when getting started with FMI

This article is for users who have access to the Services module and are getting started with FMI Works

Why employee information is required

Staff that may need to access FMI include:

  • Facility Teams: FM Managers, Supervisors, Coordinators and Trade Staff completing work
  • Facility Users: Staff that will raise requests or report issues

Employee information

Employee information is held in FMI for the purposes of communicating with users about the progress of work being completed.

Before you upload employee information, ensure you have added your locations.

Email address Must be a unique and valid email address to comply with security standards. Mandatory
Name For communication purposes Mandatory
Phone Number Useful for communication purposes and can be added in the future Optional
Site The place the employee works from Mandatory

Uploading data

We upload your employee information as part of our onboarding services.

We also make our employee import template available to you to update your data at any time you choose.  This can be found in the Administrator module by selecting the Reference menu > Import Employees.