How to Get Started with Location Data

Why locations are important and what location data you need to get started with FMI Works

This article is for users who have access to the Services module and are getting started with FMI Works

First, locations

When setting up your new FMI Works system, start with locations. Locations must be set up before other data like employees or suppliers are added.

Locations are used to define the physical locations within your organisation. They are used to define:
  • Where issues are raised
  • Where work is performed
  • Where assets reside
  • Where people are located
  • Where contractors can perform work

The location forms the backbone of all information in FMI Works. The location is used to search and filter information like assets and work and to define access for users and contractors.

Accurate location information can improve the efficiency of searching for, and reporting on work orders and assets defined by an accurate location. 

The ability to track information down to the precise location becomes critically important when reporting on important financial information such as what and where the facilities’ budget is being spent. 

Location information

There are four location levels in FMI Works. Not all of them are mandatory when setting up your data.

Site The property title for a group of buildings Mandatory

At least one building is required for each site

Adding buildings helps ensure that work is completed efficiently by providing a building address

A standard naming convention makes buildings easier to find for users


Floor Adding floors can assist with work being completed efficiently by directing trades to the right place quickly Optional

Add room details as time allows

Rooms are not needed to efficiently manage work and can be added at any time in the future


Uploading data

We can upload your location data as part of our onboarding services.

We also make our location import template available to you to update your data at any time you choose. This can be found in the Administrator module by selecting the Reference menu > Location Import.