What to Expect When Onboarding with FMI

What you can expect from our team to ensure that your project is a success

This article applies to our FMI Works product

Getting started

Getting started on your digital transformation journey doesn’t need to be overwhelming.

We’ve put together this guide to explain what a typical onboarding plan looks like with FMI. With this framework, we can tailor your onboarding experience to your needs.

Phase 1: Set Up

Our success team works with you to define what success looks like for your organisation and set clear goals for your project.

We’ll help you review your processes, and identify, prepare, and add your base data to FMI.

We’ll also guide you in creating your communications plan to your staff and contractors.

Phase 2: Go Live

Training and resources are provided to key users.

Facility users start raising work requests, facility teams will commence triaging and assigning work orders, and contractors start completing work orders.

Phase 3: Levelling Up

We review progress with you and ensure next steps are achievable and aligned with the availability of your team.

Our asset management specialists will advise you in setting up your asset register. We’ll also guide you in getting started with planned maintenance so that you can start moving into proactive service delivery mode.

Phase 4: Customer Success

Now that you’re using FMI well, we’ll confirm (and celebrate) what has been achieved so far. We’ll introduce you to your Account Manager to collaborate to set your next set of goals around system adoption and business process improvement.

We’ll set a Quarterly Business Review to review your progress.

When onboarding is not typical

We’ll always take your needs into account, so if you need more support, a staged rollout, project management or additional change management, we have the resources in our team to tailor the implementation to your needs and ensure your success.